La Bohème
Until 23 Feb 2017

Review by Jamie Wright

Stylish 1920s flapper girls Hester and Ruby (Catherine Hearne and Merrilyn Greer) have some time to kill before dashing off to the next fashionable gathering of bright young things. What better way to spend it than by having a few drinks and a bit of a singalong?

Joined by the hilariously disapproving Emma Knights on keyboards (who holds it together despite the wackiness around her, even when the props aren't behaving themselves), the two have a jolly good time knocking out some of the great musical numbers of the era, like "Let's Misbehave","Puttin' on the Ritz", "Hey Blackbird" and "Carolina in the Morning", amongst others.

Impeccably dressed for the era, both have beautiful voices, perfectly suited to these arrangements of this kind of music. And the songs are all appropriately fun, high-spirited numbers – particularly in the upstairs rooms at La Bohème, which, while intimate, suits the show's tone; they even get the audience involved in a rendition of "Oh! Mr Porter", complete with a lyric sheet.

In between the numbers the two indulge their other hobbies, drink copious amounts of gin and exchange gossip; this is often hilarious but does get a bit repetitive by the end. And while the ukuleles sound okay on their own, they do get drowned out by the keyboards when both are in use. But there are only minor bumps in an otherwise enjoyable road, with the overall result being an hour of fun, silliness and wonderful renditions of classic hits.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)