Printable CopyTRAMPOLINE
Tuxedo Cat
Until 13 Mar 2016

Review by John Wells

“Trampoline” is a sweet, quirky love story that succeeds because of the immediately engaging charm of its silliness, and the brazen goofiness of the script. Perth’s Weeping Spoon Productions’ show is a whimsical delight.

Simple romantic comedy tropes are tweaked and twisted in ways that are inane, imaginative and emotionally arresting. The girl-next-door romance zips off into deliciously weird territory: delusions of pizza-delivering cowboys, trance-like worship of the lush sounds of Kenny G, co-dependent psychologists, spider-filled dreams, and bad renditions of “Smoke on the Water”.

Shane Adamczak’s text balances absurd silliness with real feeling; it is always funny and always heartfelt. This is a difficult juggling act, and the writing never slips into easy sentiment or cheap laughs. The best absurdist work has a strong internal logic; here, even the oddest scenes make perfect narrative sense to the protagonists.

The quality of the script is enhanced by the admirable performances. Adamczak and Whitney Richards are the lovers (Richards also plays the psychologist), and St John Cowcher plays a range of walk-on characters with relish. The acting is delightful, disarming and fresh. Richards bursts into song now and then, and her gorgeous voice is used to great effect. The trio brings great energy, commitment and compassion; there is a sense of celebration of life’s weirdness. Opening night was very steamy, and even as the audience wilted in the stifling heat, the performers kept marching on – a sweaty bravo!

“Trampoline” is a surreal and captivating little gem.

4.5 stars (out of 5)