Printable CopyTRADE
Bakehouse Theatre
Until 04 Mar 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

“Trade” is a well-performed, clever theatrical piece – achieving what theatre has always intended to do – to entertain while making a statement about a particular issue, leaving the audience to contemplate and question. In this instance, the underlying message is corporate greed and the extent individuals will forego their intrinsic beliefs about what is right or wrong to become virtual robots to the demands of the corporation for whom they work.

The set is rectangular interlocking frames which are manipulated to create rooms and spaces. The characters Michael, Stephanie, Viola, Genevieve and Elizabeth – played superbly by Dymphna Carew, Mathias Olofsson, Melissa Hume, Alicia Gonzalez and Alison Bennett – take us through a corporate collapse of Delta One to the establishment of Mother Francesca’s Leadership Academy for Girls, creating an alternate reality.

‘When money has no limit, the only thing stopping you is your imagination.’
‘Money is valuable for what it can buy. You can only change the world with money.’

This is a satirical commentary on a very topical and relevant issue – cleverly written and performed. Corporations have a responsibility to ensure their practices do not compromise the planet or people who work for them. Presenting this real issue leaves the audience pondering their responsibility to only support businesses who have a clear vision of their responsibility to stakeholders and to the environment. An excellent piece of theatre.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)