Until 21 Mar 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

A stalwart of Australian comedy, with a debilitating medical condition, performing a one-man show about motivation…sounds like a brilliant motivational experience. And it is. But probably not in the way you think.

Tim Ferguson rolls out (pun intended, apologies Mr Ferguson) his latest show in Gluttony’s Virago, to an expectant crowd. Most of whom have followed Tim’s career since the days of The Doug Anthony Allstars, and honestly, many of whom have come to see if a favourite comedy legend has “still got it”.

Spoiler Alert – He does.

It feels a bit stupid to point out that the high-energy and animated style of Tim’s younger years is not present in this show. His sharp wit and precise comedic execution is, however, and the audience is treated to what they came hoping to see.

Great comedians know that hyper-energy and volume can be a great way to get the crowd enthused and responsive. Without these weapons in his arsenal, Tim did struggle to get the crowd really going, but they were amused and appreciative. It’s not Tim’s first visit to Adelaide either though, so he knows not to expect too much from the Adelaide audiences.

Tim touches on almost every topic, from Hitler to vegan pornography, and everything in between. I don’t want to give away his punchlines, so we’ll leave that there. Except to say that whatever topics you’re expecting Tim to riff on, he probably will, and much more that you never would have considered.

In his attempt to break down and discredit the world’s famous motivational books and identities, Tim succeeds, and inadvertently becomes a motivational figure in the process. Some sound and succinct pieces of advice are shared, and it’d be pretty hard to walk out of Tim’s show without feeling at least a little uplifted.

There were the occasional tech issues that could probably have been avoided with a bit more effort in pre-production. And it wouldn’t hurt the venue staff to shut the door properly. Being essentially a massive tent, the door flaps moving slowly in the breeze acted like the world’s slowest and most distracting strobe light.

Long-time fan or not, Tim’s show is an hour of expertly crafted comedy, adeptly delivered, that you’ll remember for all the right reasons. Anyone considering a foray into comedy would do well to sit at the feet of and learn from one of the Masters.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)