Bakehouse Theatre
Until 04 Mar 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

Agoraphobia is more commonplace than many people might think – fear of open spaces causes many people to be trapped within their own homes, never leaving for fear of losing control.

Shaz is also obsessive compulsive and a bit of a hoarder – but she feels in control of her life as long as she doesn’t have to leave her house. We first meet her after she has spent 1321 days inside her house and still sees no reason to leave. However, she does allow others into her world – namely Lorraine, the do-gooder neighbour who knows everything and Johnno, the parcel delivery ‘boy’ who just might be a reason to leave the house.

Shaz believes that thoughts are dangerous and can turn into all kinds of horror stories. She believes that everything is fine in her world until there is a mice infestation and two mice decide to move in. At first Shaz finds their company a diversion and life takes on a new meaning – for a while.

Eventually Shaz finds she is feeling stifled by her new ‘housemates’ and tells them to leave because she hates them! By then Shaz has spent 1621 days inside her house and still sees no reason to leave.

Ruby Johnston as Shaz has created a character who is likeable and connects well with her audience, Izabella Yena and Benjamin Nichol play Lorraine and Johnno – and the two mice – with flair and energy.

An entertaining look at a serious problem.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)