Printable CopyTHIS BOY'S IN LOVE
The Royal Croquet Club
Until 05 Mar 2017

Review by Jamie Wright

Ado – a geeky gay guy, who lacks direction and talks way too much – is looking for love and not just a hookup. When he meets Felix, who's everything he's ever wanted in a man (including a great apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour), he's not sure how to react.

In this one man – well, mostly; Ado (Adriano Cappalletta) is joined by Nick on keyboards, occasional backing vocals and the odd comment – show, we're taken on a journey as Ado goes on an unsuccessful date, tries to teach his indifferent students about the beauty inherent in Romeo & Juliet, and meets (and falls in love with) Felix.

Cappalletta portrays multiple characters - himself, Felix and a whole host of others; he's got a great physicality which, combined with good accent work, makes these differentiations excellent. In between the short scenes where Ado and Felix are conversing, or when Ado is thinking aloud, he sings funny original songs: "Gay Zombies" being a highlight. There's also a great scene where Ado and Felix go to a nightclub and Cappalletta shows off his dance moves.

It's by no means a straight-up narrative, though; there's a lot more going on - though it's difficult to describe without spoilers.

A clever, funny and genuinely sweet show - Cappalletta has a lot of talent, and I hope this isn't the last time we see him at the Adelaide Fringe.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out 5)