Galleon Theatre Group
Domain Theatre
Until 27 Oct 2018

Review by Janice Bailey

“How The Other Half Loves” was written in the 1970s and as such the roles of men and women which were the norm in that era is now perceived as unacceptable. Alan Ayckbourn is the master of comedy and despite the ‘political incorrectness’ if judged by today’s standards, the comic element, when directed and performed well, is still very entertaining. Galleon continue their reputation of excellence with this offering.

The play is a comedy of manners, made interesting by its structure. The action overlaps time and space, taking place in two houses in the same space. This was somewhat confusing at times with a sequence of events where nobody quite knows who is doing what to whom! However, the comedic timing and characterisation by the whole cast has been well choreographed by director, Warren McKenzie. Brittany Daw has produced an excellent set which is integral to the working of the play.

Three couples are embroiled in a situation which explores marital deviancy, secrecy and deceit. Andrew Clark delivers perhaps one of his best performances as Frank Foster, demonstrating excellent comic timing. Joanne St Clair’s character of Frank’s wife, Fiona, is suitably ‘proper’ when required but hiding a somewhat ‘loopy’ character.

Brittany Daw plays the subdued but ‘sweet’ Mary Featherstone, married to William, played by Aled Proeve in his first role for Galleon. Andy Steuart and Leanne Robinson play Bob and Teresa Phillips, providing the most overt ‘conflict’ in their relationship.

As an audience we need to accept that the characters are one-dimensional stereotypes of the 70s and sit back and just enjoy the absurdity of the comedy.

Galleon continue their reputation of excellence with this offering.