Little Bang Brewing Company
Until 17 Mar 2020

Review by Doug Phillips

“The Hipster” shows great promise in a number of areas, and I think over time Soundbowl Productions might end up with a neat little show. For now, though, it feels like there’s still a bit of tweaking to do.

The dialogue is well written, but some actors not knowing it well enough distracts from this. Although some of the jokes received good laughs, there were others that should have gotten bigger reactions, perhaps if more attention had been paid to the comedy direction.

The songs on the other hand have obviously been diligently rehearsed. Great voices and harmonies created a strong wall of sound. Every cast member had a strong voice and they all used them well.

Jesse Budel as ‘Wolfgang’ is the cast stand-out. With the best lines in the show, his comedic timing and delivery are quite good.

Not a lot of thought has been put into the set. That’s not a big deal for a production like this, but it is an area where more effort could be put in.

All in all, “The Hipster” feels a lot like it’s trying to be the next Eddie Perfect musical. Which is fine, Perfect’s work is very well received and loved. “The Hipster” isn’t quite there yet though.

Despite what the show title says, I think that this musical will become one that musical-lovers can embrace, as some of the finer points are addressed and the show is honed.

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)