Printable CopyIN THE HEIGHTS
Pelican Productions
The Arts Theatre
Until 21 Sep 2019

Review by Talia Gaertner-Jones

Before I begin, just let me say, go and see this show!

Pelican’s production of ‘In The Heights’ is everything that you want from a theatre experience. Emma Williams has done a terrific job of bringing this South Australian non-professional premiere to life. The music and lyrics of Lin-Manuel Miranda are tricky, delicate and beautiful and under the Music Direction of Martin Cheney (band) and Rosie Hosking (vocals). The performers perfectly conveyed the emotion, harmonies and stories of their characters.

The whole cast provided standout performances when singing on stage together in ’96,000’, ‘The Club’, ‘Blackout’ and ‘In the Heights’. Carla Papa’s choreography was refreshing to see and every performer on stage delivered their moves with conviction.

Joshua Angeles was perfect as the main narrator of the story, Usnavi, accompanied by Ben Francis as Benny and Caitlin Mortimer-Royle as Nina. Mortimer and Francis had lovely chemistry on stage and their duets of ‘Sunrise’ and ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ were particularly moving. Emily Downing as Abuela Claudia was a favourite of the audience and her song ‘Paciencia y Fé’ was stunning.

While the set was reminiscent of the original Broadway set, the set concept by Jen Firth, Kylie Green and Craig Williams, set design by Firth, Green and Kym Wilson and Construction by Wilson and Wilson Productions were flawless.

This show is the story of the Latino people of Washington Heights, New York and you will find yourself getting attached to each and every character that you meet.

**There are two casts for “In the Heights”. This review is of the Red Cast.