Printable CopyTABLE FOR TWO?
Holden Street Theatres
Until 15 Mar 2020

Review by Lance Jones

The classic bumbling waiter, the pseudo-sophisticated maître d'. and the overly artistic chef with an attitude problem. Will Tredinnick has brought them all back for the Fringe in his classic portrayal of a restaurant gone wrong, hilariously presented single-handedly in his reprise of “Table For Two?”.

The scene starts with a darkened room. So dark in fact, that one has to be careful not to bump into the chairs awaiting you in this small but well set out theatrette. The mayhem starts as soon as the lights abruptly switch on, revealing a face that makes you chortle simply by looking at it. It’s the face of expectation, cheeky and knowing, hinting at shenanigans about to be let loose. Our beloved waiter immediately bumbles his way through the table set up with some classic physical comedy. Several punters soon find themselves as part of the action as unwitting extras. The sight gags roll along nicely, and the laughs keep coming as our character morphs into three different people, often arguing with each other behind the scenes.

One needs to ask a very important question – how does Will Tredinnick manage to keep a straight face while he does this stuff? This show is completely ridiculous, but in the very best possible way.

One can tell Will is a polished performer. His constant “mistakes” are delivered with great comedic timing and obviously well-rehearsed slapstick. Audience participation is well managed with skilful ad-lib. One gets the impression that Will can handle anything the audience throws his way. In fact, he also throws a lot of stuff the audience’s way in a wonderful montage of food frenzy. It was spectacular in its simple creativity and wonderfully selected musical accompaniment.

This show is very silly. So silly that one cannot stop giggling, and these giggles turn into straight-out laughter. It’s no surprise that Will has won some prestigious awards for his show over the last couple of years. The quality of the comedy exudes class and professionalism. The 8.00pm finish makes this show an excellent appetiser for a Fringe-binge degustation. I can heartily recommend that you put “Table For Two?” on your Fringe menu this season.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)