Hilton Hotel
Until 29 Feb 2020

Review by Doug Phillips

The word to sum up this show, is cute. In all the best essences of the word.

The script is charming and cute. The performance itself is loveable and cute. The song choice is clever and cute. And Robert Jonathan James as the (almost) solo performer is charming, loveable, clever, and of course, cute.

James takes us on a historical journey through the story of Sinatra’s life, with appropriately chosen songs and witty humour. The dialogue was just the right amount, although it would have been delivered much more effectively if memorised and not read from a script.

Although quite nervous to begin with, James had no need to be. Hs performance was strong and pleasing to the ear, with the audience wanting to love him from the moment he opened his mouth. His crowd banter, although mainly scripted, was clever and cutting at times, and joyously received by all who witnessed or indeed fell victim.

The inclusion of “AJ” for a duet number was a nice addition. So cleverly introduced with subterfuge that she was almost told where the door is by some audience members, until it became obvious that she was a plant and part of the show.

I’m positive we’ll see Robert Jonathan James return for the Fringe 2021 season, and I’m looking forward to his next instalment of “Stories Through Song”.

Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5)