Printable CopyTHE MIKADO
State Opera SA
Adelaide Festival Theatre
Until 23 Nov 2019

Review by Doug Phillips

The State Opera’s current production of “The Mikado” is a winner. From start to finish it’s a rollicking ride of fun, talent, and class. With the slight introduction of some modern themes, Gilbert & Sullivan’s classic is delivered with robust energy and precision.

Early on, the choreography wasn’t as tight as it needed to be to have the desired impact, but this soon remedied itself and the ensemble especially would be quite proud of their performance. Siobhan Ginty as choreographer has created very precise yet fun movement.

As someone who isn’t a huge fan of slapstick comedy, I should say that Stuart Maunders’ direction is spot on the mark. The comedy is visually and mentally delightful. Again, diligent performances by the ensemble and leads made this production captivatingly fun.

Set design and construction was terrific. If this set was constructed on a tight budget, you’d never know. Visually impressive and functionally suave, Simone Romaniuk and her team have nailed it.

Of the cast, Byron Koll is the stand-out. Granted he does have the best role. As Ko-ko, Byron’s timing and charm wooed the audience and we came to champion someone who is essentially the villain.

Special mentions should also be made of Dominic J Walsh, Amelia Berry and Andrew Collis, who’s performances were all complete, interesting, and amusing.

The orchestra, led by Simon Kenway, are unfaultable. An impressive sound with no mistakes (that I could hear). Same goes for the costumes.

It’s hard to go wrong with Gilbert & Sullivan, however the State Opera have really ramped it up. G&S fans will love this production of “The Mikado”, but so will those who’ve never heard of them. A great fun show from a talented cast and crew.