Her Majesty’s Theatre
Until 12 Jun 2022

Review by Doug Phillips

There’s a lot of buzz around Adelaide right now for “SIX The Musical”, and with good reason. It’s 75 minutes of pop-rock musical that doesn’t let up from start to finish. The 8-time Tony Award nominated show has enthralled audiences in Sydney and on the West End, and now it’s Adelaide’s turn.

The first thing you should know about “SIX” is that it’s only here for three weeks. My advice? Log onto Ticketek now and book your tickets (you can read the rest of this review afterwards). And the newly renovated Her Majesty’s Theatre is the perfect regal setting for this kick-arse show.

Audiences in Adelaide are renown for not showing their excitement or pleasure. At the end of the opening night performance on Sunday however, the entire audience were on their feet within seconds. A full standing ovation for a very deserving show.

Telling the true (mostly) stories of the six wives of King Henry the Eighth, “SIX” is (and I hate saying this) more of a concert than a musical. But who cares? These ladies rock with an incredible energy that never slows down. With eight shows a week, they’re much fitter than this reviewer.

It’s impossible to single out any one cast member, as all six performers were outstanding. No-one is missing the bar here, and the bar is quite high.

The costumes were brilliant, which I guess is easier with no costume changes. There probably could have been more of a set, but all eyes are on the performers during this show anyway. The band were tight, so much so that I struggled at times to believe that they were actually playing live.

As someone who cares very little for choreography, I must say that this show’s movement and the synchronicity of the performers really was impressive. These girls pull off funky moves that feel completely fitting with no feeling of being contrived at all.

Everyone I’ve spoken to who has seen the show, wants to see it a second time. So, again, book your tickets now. Much of the publicity around “SIX” uses words like ‘phenomenon’, and ‘sensation’, and it’s the kind of show that could potentially reach Rocky Horror-like cult status, so don’t miss out on seeing it this time round.