Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Dunstan Playhouse
Until 26 Jun 2021

Review by Alexandra Bull

The Sisters of Invention bought independence, the importance of individuality and women empowerment to the forefront of their incredible and heart-warming “You Ready For This,” show at this year’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Comprising of Aimee Crathern, Michelle Hall, Caroline Hardy and Annike Hooper, each performer took the stage with their own unique voices and personality to share, setting the tone for a wonderful evening in front of a packed house in the Dunstan Playhouse Theatre.

As so proudly mentioned on stage, The Sisters of Invention are the first all-female pop group to all have a disability, sharing their individual and collective stories through music and laughter, using the art of song and performance to show the audience just how powerful they are, as a collective and as individuals.

The group has been singing together for 10 years now, with the main goal of changing people's perspectives on people who have disabilities.

The scene for a wonderful evening was set early on, with vibrant outfits adorning each lady, all of them wearing something that completed their personality shown on stage perfectly.

A mix of their original songs and a few covers to boot, which varied from pop themes to more soulful moments, their music telling the story of the emotions that come with everyday life.

Their incredible vocals were macheted with the type of stage presence from each lady that you do not see every day, including some extremely wholesome audience participation and killer dance moves to accompany their stellar vocals as well.

While they are a collective, each lady got their moment on stage, uniquely telling their own story, whether it was through a moving monologue or a short but sweet story in the form of a classic fairy-tale, these girls know how to get people’s emotions going.

Plenty of jokes and laughter was shared, with the usual laughs about COVID-19 and how it has hindered the performance industry, Michelle duly noting towards the end of the show how COVID-19 has "stuffed everything up," before all four ladies launched into a song about life during a global pandemic, summing up the last year perfectly.

Finishing off the show with a powerful mashup of some iconic songs including, ‘Roar,’ by Katy Perry, ‘The Voice,’ by John Farnham and ‘Brave,’ by Sara Bareilles, The Sisters of Invention were sassy, unapologetic and incredibly talented and at the end of their hour “You Ready for This” performance, you were left feeling more empowered than ever before.