Adelaide Youth Theatre
The Arts Theatre
Until 27 Jan 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

In 2001 the world was first introduced to a big, green, Scottish-accented ogre named Shrek. 17 years later his story has become a modern classic, reaching a whole new generation of audiences – and this time, live on stage.

For those rare few who may not know the tale, Shrek lives happily in his muddy swamp. But his peace is soon disturbed when the nasty Lord Farquaard banishes all the fairy tale creatures from the kingdom of Duloc, leading them right to Shrek’s swamp. Farquaard then sends Shrek on a quest to save Princess Fiona from her tower – so he can marry her and finally become king.

This production brings all the charm of Shrek’s world to life with great success. The team at Adelaide Youth Theatre have done a stellar job crafting some stunning sets and great audio visual effects to enhance it all. The swamp in particular was a real treat.

The show feature a very talented ensemble of youth and mature performers. Andrew Crispe leads the cast as the ogre himself, Shrek, delivering a strong performance with enough toilet humour to please every child in the audience. His presence is strong and consistent from start to finish. Tegan Gully as Princess Fiona is a great counterpart and also gives a strong, funny portrayal. Chad Crittle is also funny as the short tempered Lord Farquaard. Nathan Stafford is brilliant as the eccentric and energetic donkey – he runs at a million miles a minute and hams it up perfectly.

Other standouts in the cast included Zali Sedgman as Dragon, Oscar Bridges as Pinocchio and Tayla Coad as Sugar Plum Fairy.

Crafting a strong ensemble is a hard task for a cast of seasoned performers, and these young actors do a superb job.

For anyone who wants to relieve their modern childhood favourite, or if you haven’t yet experienced “Shrek”, this production is an absolutely fun night.