Printable CopySHIVERED
Until 18 Feb 2018

Review by Jamie Wright

Josh is struggling what most Year 12s have to struggle with – what to do once he finishes school. Torn between is plans to study business (and move in with girlfriend Lindsay) and his interest in painting, Josh’s life is thrown into even more chaos when he’s approached by a mysterious stranger who seems to know far more about Josh and his life than he should.

Written and directed by Matthew Cropley (who also appears as ‘The Stalker’), “Shivered” never really finds it footing, hamstrung by a puzzling concept and some unwise structural choices – the most notable being the distracting shortness of the scenes; they feel far more like they’ve been written for film or television than the stage, and make it very difficult for the audience to engage with the characters.

With this in mind, the cast don’t always have much to work with but Daniel Cropley is the standout as Josh. Matthew Cropley as The Stalker does well with the variations that roles presents. Dana Cropley is also strong as Louise. Neither Ashlin Petty (Lindsay) nor Matt Ahearn (Dave) are given a great deal to work with but both have some good moments.

It is encouraging to see young, local performers producing original theatre in the Fringe, and while this particular effort hasn’t quite hit the mark, there’s enough in the script and the performances to suggest there is potential.

Rating: 2.5 stars (out of 5)