Printable CopySEUSSICAL JR.
Pelican Productions
Norwood Concert Hall
Until 17 Sep 2017

Review by Talia Gaertner-Jones

“An unusual story will soon be unfurled of an elephant trying to save a small world and a boy from that world who has Thinks just like you!” The world of Dr Seuss unfolds in Pelican Production’s “Seussical Jr”. This production has two casts, aptly named ‘Green Eggs’ and ‘Ham’ the cast which this review is based on.

The audience is greeted by a 5-metre-high red and white striped top hat sitting centre stage and here is where the magic begins. Jojo, played by Allycia Angeles, bursts through the audience curious at the hat on stage and begins the opening number “Oh, the things can think!” with Maisie Aiken as The Cat in the Hat. The stage is brought to life by the rotation of the hat and reveals character after character from your favourite Dr Seuss books. Aiken is a fantastic Cat in the Hat, jumping in and out of scenes throughout the performance as the narrator, always confident, charming and charismatic.

The plot of the show follows Horton the Elephant, played by Finnegan Green, on his journey to save the Who’s of Whoville who have become trapped on a speck of dust and landed in a clover. Green plays Horton, an extremely kind and caring elephant who brings the important message of ‘a person’s a person no matter how small’ to life through the song “Horton Hears A Who”. It is also through this song that the audience is introduced to Green’s stunningly beautiful voice. Green, along with his solos, also sings duets with Angeles, “Alone In The Universe” and “Notice Me, Horton” with Lluka Wadey as Gertrude McFuzz where their voices blend together perfectly. Wadey’s, Gertrude is extremely likeable as the bird with one tail feather and her rendition of “Amayzing Gertrude” is quite funny!

As Mayzie La Bird, Alicia Hammond and her Bird Girls, Katie Lammin, Annabelle Pearce and Emma Pool were elegant and glamorous with their luscious pink and purple feathers. The Wickersham Brothers, Ella Spiniello, Daisy Kennett and Cooper James are full of mischievous energy in “Monkey Around”. Leah Seager as Sour Kangaroo and Zoe Pool as Young Kangaroo are the perfect pairing of sass and spunk in “Biggest Blame Fool”. Along with all the lead characters, the chorus had their chance to shine in many numbers, and their harmonies in “It’s Possible” were tight – kudos to Music Director Martin Cheney!

Visually the show was very “Seuss”, with Truffula trees from the Jungle of Nool, to the sketches of balloons, bathtubs and Whoville. The costumes added to the vibrancy of the show and brought all the characters to life!

Director/Co-Choreographer, David Lampard, Assistant Director/Co-Choreographer, Bec Schembri and Music Director Martin Cheney have created a beautiful musical for Pelican Production. The creativity, colour and magic on stage were all excellent! “Oh the thinks you can think when you think about Seuss!”