Printable CopySCHOOL OF ROCK (CAST 1)
Pelican Productions
Thebarton Theatre
Until 22 Aug 2021

Review by Ross Johnston

Last night I had the pleasure to see Pelican Production’s School of Rock at the Thebarton Theatre performed by Cast 1. (I saw Cast 2 on Friday night). Yes! That’s right! Two different casts performing on alternative nights. The only common denominator was the superb Mim Sarre who plays the School Principal Miss (Rosalie) Mullins. I was awe struck by the depth of youth talent in Adelaide was so good that the Directors Jen Frith and Bec Schembri could very successfully fill all the principal and support roles in different casts for this production.

Oliver John as Dewey Finn was a standout for me and his strong voice and acting ability was a delight to watch. The other principal roles Summer (Madeline Schroeter), Patty (Kenya Styles), Ned (Connor Russell), Zack (Kyle Mobbs), Freddie (William Fleming), Lawrence (Joshua Tretheway) and the “blossoming” Tamika (Annabelle Fleming) were incredible. They are all to be complimented on their acting and singing abilities. As were the rest of the ensemble.

The singing quality was very high in this production and some of the harmonies breathtaking. All the cast (some as young as 8 years old I was told) are to be complimented on their excellent stage discipline and the effortless way they changed items around on stage to set the scene whether it was “Dewey’s couch”, the classroom, the Staff Room or the theatre.

The actual static set with its high-level platforms connected to the stage by two staircases was very impressive. All technical departments have done an excellent job and all crew members are to be congratulated. I would like to thank Fiona, the Front of House person, for her welcoming smile on both nights and her efficient handling of my seating.

Finally, I encourage anyone who enjoys live theatre, particularly Youth Theatre, to see this excellent production. I can’t wait to see what Pelican Productions produces next.

If you want to see a show where you can feel an arrange of emotions and have a genuine great time, then don’t miss seeing "School of Rock".