Printable CopySCHOOL OF ROCK (CAST 2)
Pelican Productions
Thebarton Theatre
Until 22 Aug 2021

Review by Ross Johnston

Last night I had the pleasure to see Pelican Production’s “School of Rock” at the Thebarton Theatre. They have two casts doing this performance and last night I saw Cast 2 perform. (Looking forward to seeing Cast 1 tonight) I went as a “blank canvas” knowing very little about the show. Wow! Was I impressed! This energetic and uplifting performance brought a smile to my face and a sense of warmth to my heart. We all need this in these depressing Covid times.

The plot revolves around a rock singer who impersonates his best friend, Ned, as a substitute teacher as a prestigious college. He hasn’t a clue regarding the normal subjects, but he influences them in the music field as he encourages them all to “Stick it to the man!” The climax centres around their performance at the Battle of the Bands” after he has been “outed” by his best mate’s partner, Patty.

The story was performed brilliantly by this cast, and I was inspired the depth of talent displayed on stage. Brendan Tomlins as Dewey Finn dominated the performance with his powerful voice and acting ability. Teagan Garvey was impressive as the faithful friend Ned and Eva Sanchez as the domineering Patty was great. Miss Mullins, the Principal, was played outstandingly by Mim Sarre.

As a retired teacher I could relate to all the child characters in the class but the standout performer to me was Millie McDonald as “the walking question mark”, Summer. Also, teachers cherish the development of their students, and I found the “blossoming” of Tamika played by Gracie Degnan heart-warming.

Technically all departments did a brilliant job, but special mentions must go to the great choreography and musical direction.

To see such a high-quality production put on by such a youthful cast indicates to me, the bright future of live theatre in Adelaide.

If you want to see a show where you can nod your head and tap your shoe, then this awesome show is the show for you.