Cabaret Fringe Festival
Until 24 Jun 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

Josh Belperio is a very personable and likeable young man. He is also a talented musician with a story to tell. “Scarred for Life” is that story, which tells of his near-death experience from a bike accident. The scar is described in the first song, “Underneath My Shirt Is An Eight Inch Scar”.

This is far from a depressing experience as we are led through his twelve months of hospital experiences and personal reactions, as Belperio tells his story with humour and self-deprecation as well as thanking the people who surrounded him with love during the whole episode.

The show has been planned with attention to detail, including a song list and ‘Under the Microscope’ credits. There were also hairnets provided as per hospital requirements. There was also a lot of love in the room – clearly Belperio has a ‘following’, no doubt well earned.