Tuxedo Cat
Until 28 Feb 2015

Review by Linda Edwards

“Only You Can Save Us” is a highly energetic sci-fi romp through space with dancing, space bats, a traditionally handsome hero, and a villain (or is he really?).

Sydney company Sekrit Projekt is a talented bunch of all-rounders. Pierce Wilcox is a strong performer and gives a convincing portrayal of Sarge. Michaela Savina is the bouncy Doc Science (think Mr Spock, perhaps) and Brenden Hooke is the indomitable good-looking Captain Hero, who gets the power of the orb. He is matched by the villain, John Villaine, ably played by Laurence Rosier Staines. Caitlin West plays The Girl, who is smart first, beautiful second. She can sing a little love song well and play the guitar, but she also knows how to shoot.

There is a delightful sequence in which The Girl and Captain Hero battle it out with quotes from literary giants like Emily Brontë and Shakespeare, and then continue their battle with a clapping and slapping sequence, in which all the cast join in the well-rehearsed fun. The group uses only a few simple props such as pen torches and balloons to suggest the space romp, but they do so with great imagination.

The show is an entertaining hour-long adventure through space and time, and it knows how to poke fun at itself. Along with the singing, dancing, and shoot-ups, there is quite a bit of silliness, along with a message that is just slightly deeper than ‘be nice to each other,’ but which is fundamentally optimistic.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)