Gluttony - Masonic Lodge
Until 15 Mar 2020

Review by Janice Bailey

I have the greatest admiration for artists who are prepared to travel the world at their own expense, in order to share their talent because they absolutely love what they do and are prepared for little monetary reward. Jacinda Patty has the enthusiasm and charisma that instantly wins over an audience – we actually care about her journey and hope that she actually does find the love of her life through her backpacking adventures.

She is looking for love – mostly to please the family. The ‘safety banana’ is in fact a banana which travels with her as she recounts her adventures about finding and losing love. The story opens in a backpacker hostel where Jacinta has arranged to meet the ‘somebody’ who will change her life but it is unlikely that he is going to arrive. Jacinda is very talented as a dancer and roller skater but her best attribute is her warmth and genuine personality which shines through. She is very accomplished and deserves a much bigger audience than the small but very appreciative audience she had when I had the privilege of seeing her show.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)