Tuxedo Cat
Until 18 Mar 2017

Review by Luke Wagner

Sometimes the best type of humour is awkward humour. If executed well it can be quite effective and actually help the audience to relate. Unfortunately, this is not the case for “Damien and Ross in Safari Psychosis”.

Damien and Ross wake up hung over unsure of how they got to be in the middle of the jungle. Once in the jungle, their friendship is tested. Well, for the most part this is what the show is about. The remained of this hour long show are extremely random and poorly executed skits. There is an awkward game show with audience interaction, a bizarre description of the app YELP and a jungle version of “Everybody loves Raymond”.

Much of this show felt improvised and there was a complete lack of consistency throughout. The show appeared to lack direction and the actors often were not even audible.

Audience interaction is always a risky move, but in this case, it bombed with one pair walking out part way through. This show struggled along from there.

Unfortunately this show failed to deliver a consistent and clear performance. More work is needed to actually define what this show is and to find some sense of purpose.

Rating: 1 star (out of 5)