Printable CopyROSE’S DILEMMA
St Jude's Players
St Jude's Hall (Grundy Hall)
Until 12 Aug 2017

Review by Luke Wagner

When we lose someone we love we are often told that they live on in our memories, but what happens when that memory is able to interact with you.

Rose Steiner has not written anything in years and her finances are beginning to suffer as a result. Her able live-in assistant Arlene tries her best to help Rose make smarter choices but there is something holding her back from truly moving forward. That something is the ghost of her former love Walsh McLaren, himself a famed author gone before his time. Walsh wants Rose to help him to have his final book finished and encourages Rose to seek help from a young upstart writer names Gavin Clancy. Before long the best laid plan begins to unravel and Rose is challenged with coming to terms with Walsh’s death once and for all and to consider her own future and making amends for the relationships that have suffered at her hand.

Director Brian Godfrey brings his polished and experienced style to this charming production. They cast work effectively together to deliver a beautifully seamless story all whilst ignoring the ghosts in the room. Lyn Wilson as Rose Steiner was equally charming and abrasive as the talented lush who is to proud to let go of her former opulent lifestyle. Andrew Horwood as Walsh McLaren is fun and effervescent, a great feat when playing a dead man. Simon Lancione delivers a great performance as the jaded young writer tasked with finishing Walsh’s works. Laura Antoniazzi is absolutely charming as Arlene. Her character was extremely well rounded and she shone when she broke down when telling Rose about her younger years.

Mary-Jane Minear is to be commended on a beautifully designed set that was both grand and modern and allowed great opportunities for Walsh’s ghost to appear from almost anywhere. This was beautifully enhanced by Leigh Wheatley and Phil Moyles lighting design which helped to frame each scene perfectly.

St Jude’s have delivered a beautiful production of a fascinating script which is equally touching and funny. The cast and production team are to be commended for creating a brilliant piece of theatre. A show worth braving the cold for.

Brian Godfrey is a reviewer for Adelaide Theatre Guide.