Printable CopyRISING STARS
Promise Adelaide
Campus Performing Arts Centre
Until 20 Aug 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

Ben Francis should be commended for the initiative of Promise Adelaide as a vehicle to allow performance opportunities for young people. Not only does it allow young people to pursue their passion but it also allows them to contribute to the wider world by raising money for charities and teaches them to look outside of themselves.

The latest production, ‘Rising Stars’, raised money for the Starlight Foundation which grants wishes to seriously ill children and their families and was presented at the Campus Theatre at Aberfoyle Park.

The concept of ‘Rising Stars’ also gave the younger 11-14 year olds the opportunity to shine. The creative group of Ben Francis and Annabel Lane as co-directors, musical director Serena Martino-Williams and choreographer Eliza Payne have put together a selection of songs which enabled the cast to show what they can do.

The highlights for me were Zara Blight with her rendition of “Colours of the Wind”. Zara showed great ‘promise’ with a vocally strong performance.

Deon Martino-Williams and Alana Iannace presented a professional rendition of “Crazier Than You” and Alana later stunned with an exceptional version of “I Have Nothing” with an understanding far beyond her 14 years.

Grace Pasalidis and Ethan Schembri presented an excellent version of Stephen Schwartz’s “All for the Best”. Sebastian Skubala presented an animated version of “La Bamba” allowing him to show his cheeky personality.

Overall the items allowing the whole cast to strut their stuff were entertaining and memorable with “I’ll Be There for You” and “Footloose” as two which stood out for me and all performers should be well pleased with their contributions.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of entertainment from a group of young, enthusiastic people demonstrating their love of music and entertaining through song and dance.