Printable CopyRELLA
Windmill Theatre
Dunstan Playhouse
Until 04 Jun 2022

Review by Fran Edwards

Written by Tracey Rigney, this is a new look at the fable Cinderella, with some significant differences. For a start they won’t be referred to as ugly sisters! The rejection of body shaming seems to be a strong theme throughout this piece; that, and a call to be true to yourself.

The three sisters, Afa (Fez Faanana), Sika (Thomas Fanua) and Rella (Carla Lippis) with the encouragement of their mother (Elaine Crombie) take part in a talent quest as a group but the judges only want Rella and the whole plot follows what happens after. The raising of Rella to pop stardom and the effect it has on her sisters and the lessons learned by all three. This talented cast play all the additional characters with a myriad of colourful costumes constructed by an army of creatives.

Director Sasha Zahra worked with a collaborative team to bring this to the stage including writer Tracey Rigney, choreographers Thomas Fanua and Fez Faanana and composer Carla Lippis. They received much assistance from sound designer Duncan Campbell, lighting and AC designer Chris Petridis with AV content created by Fref Stewart and Liam Sommerville. The AV was an integral part of this show.

It is an interesting angle to have stepsisters who are friendly and a Prince Charming who becomes the villain. The modern take, with modern music and language (possibly why the show is marked as unsuitable for under 12s) is refreshingly different and a lot of fun.