Adelaide Botanic Gardens - Noel Lothian Hall
Until 04 Mar 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

The world of art and literature has always looked to the future for inspiration. Ironically, as time progresses these have gone from more outlandish views like hovercars to more simplistic ideas centring around the future of basic human interaction with slightly more evolved technology than we have in the present day.

Loddy lives alone in her apartment with her virtual voice assistant Ellen the only consistent interaction in her life. Her boyfriend Ari finds the modern world confronting, leading their relationship to exist almost entirely online. When this becomes too much, Ari breaks up with Loddy and she orders a robot which has Ari's complete personality downloaded into it. This leads Loddy to begin to finally unpack their relationship and see how things could have changed.

The concept of this show is exciting and innovative and has great potential. The script in its current state needs some revising as it at times struggles to lift and stays one note throughout. The set up in the Noel Lothian Hall was quite a low stage with the audience in the flat. As a primary part of the show occurred on a couch at the front of the stage, often nothing was visible for a large portion of the audience, causing somewhat of a disconnect with the actors. Melissa Martins delivers a great performance as Loddy. She creates great conflict to what has been established as new societal norms. Her counterpart was at times stilted, but also delivered a good performance as Ari.

This show is one that has great potential to develop into a further project. Its concept is strong and the execution is developing well. Jamie Leonardis has written some great, complex characters, and Dominic Kowalski has translated it to the stage well and both should continue to pursue this project.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (out of 5)