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Adapt Enterprises
Bakehouse Theatre
Until 28 Jul 2018

Review by Jamie Wright

Catherine opted to drop out of university to care for her father, Robert, who was struggling with mental illness. He was a mathematical genius before his illness took hold, but its onset kept him from making any advances in the field in the final years of his life. However, when she shows Hal, one of Robert’s students, a previously unseen mathematical proof, questions are raised – about him, and about her.

Director Ross Vosvotekas has done a solid job with ‘Proof’, though it’s perhaps a little slow-going at times. The choice to have the actors use their natural accents could be somewhat confusing because there are a few points throughout where having the action take anywhere other than the US doesn’t make a lot of sense, and there’s little in the text to specify where they are. There’s good use of the small space, but not much done with lighting.

Nicole Endacott shines as the complex – and on stage nearly the entire play – Catherine; it’s a tough role, requiring a great deal of characterisation and a big emotional range. Rick Mills doesn’t get a lot of stage time as Robert, but his few scenes – particularly in act 2, are powerful. Catherine’s sister Claire isn’t given much depth in the text, but Krystal Brock does well with what’s there. Director Ross Vosvotekas as Hal, the PhD student, is solid in the character’s comedic spots, but the characterisation doesn’t work quite as well in the more serious moments.

While perhaps not managing to reach the full potential of Auburn’s play, there’s enough here to make it a worthwhile adaptation of an engaging work.