Until 15 Mar 2020

Review by Jamie Wright

While it’s difficult to make a tent in Gluttony really l like a 1930s speakeasy, it’s not difficult for the lineup of performers in ‘Prohibition’ to show an audience a good time with their combination of acrobatics, music, juggling, magic and standup.

It’s an hour of solid entertainment, made all the more interesting by the level of characterisation from each performer, most notably the juggler ‘Johnny Two-Hands’, whose combination of dexterity and charmingly self-deprecating comedy make his appearances the highlight of the show. The singer belts out some great numbers and the two acrobats defy gravity to the point of being nerve-wracking (if you’re one of those people who, like me, gets anxious while watching such things) both individually and together. Dirk Darrow performs some excellent card tricks and other sleight-of-hand; his comedy routine is mostly good but there are a few clangers that maybe should be cast aside in the next script revision.

There’s a loose framing device – that Darrow, a private detective – is on the trail of Johnny Two-Hands; this doesn’t really have much impact. What works very well, though, is the order in which each segment appears: as one performer leaves, you’re never quite sure who’s going to come on or exactly what they’re going to do, building the anticipation.

While it would definitely benefit from a larger space and more complex lighting and production design, it’s still a lot of fun.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)