Until 19 Mar 2017

Review by Kylie Pedler

Set in the American Prohibition era, where alcohol was banned but cocaine legal, this show is good old-fashioned vaudeville.

In true vaudeville style, it is a series of unrelated acts, loosely linked by a dark film noir atmosphere and the appearance of super suave, jaded private detective Darrow (otherwise known as Dick). A remarkable storyteller and comedian, his story about the 647 club, told through a whole pack of cards, is suitably predictable with a smidge of surprise and cleverly done.

Resident Freak, and largely mute hunchback steals a large piece of the show with his slapstick gags involving a ping pong ball routine, balloons, darts and audience participation. The resulting hearty laughs were well deserved.

Charming and dramatic, Charleston-dancing acrobat Caz Walsh, proved a master of balance, performing to toe-tapping music with a stack of cocktail glasses.

With plenty of variety, the show also showcased an acrobat that took to flawless heights in search of a banned bottle of whisky, a sword swallowing, hat dancing magician, a glass and bottle swapping magician and a man-eating singer.

There were some near misses and costume malfunctions; the scene-to-scene connections could have been smoother, and the 90 minute show was far too long to sit on wooden benches with wafer thin cushions. But, despite this, it was a fabulous night of entertainment and laughs.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)