Ngunyawayiti Space (Tandanya Theatre)
Until 14 Mar 2020

Review by Janice Bailey

Tammy Anderson has an engaging stage presence and she uses this to narrate the heartbreaking story of the abuse she and her family suffered during her childhood and beyond. The show was written in early 2000 and first performed to acclaim in Melbourne’s playbox in 2001. Born in Tasmania, Tammy shares a very personal account of her early life there, living in sixteen houses in fifteen years.

The performance certainly comes across as a cathartic experience, allowing Anderson to share her memories, including the secrets which were suppressed for many years of her adult life. A graduate of the Swinburne University Indigenous Performing Arts Course, she has participated in creative workshops for Ilbijerri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cooperative, Playbox and Melbourne Workers’ Theatre. This talent and ability is used to tell her story of overcoming her abusive childhood while retaining her pride in who she is. A wonderful and riveting piece of theatre.