La Bohème
Until 03 Mar 2017

Review by Talia Gaertner-Jones

Becky Blake is the Piano Chick. Blake takes her 25 years of experience back to where it started through her show “Confessions Of A Piano Chick”.

Blake transports the audience from pubs to hotels, reliving her memories through song. Beginning in a pub out north where she is presented with an untuned piano, positioned under a flat screen TV putting her in competition with the football and having an audience of drunken men heckling her to play Cold Chisel, Blake comically tells and sings us a story of how she moved up in the Piano Chick world.

Blake’s humour and story-telling ability takes the audience on a journey through the ups and downs of the musician’s life. But what shines through the most is Blake’s passion to play. The technique and effortlessness of Blake’s playing is a joy to listen to and this is matched by her smooth vocals. Blake included songs to fit her show from a variety of styles. From Carole King’s “I Feel The Earth Move/It’s Too Late” to Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet”. Another hilarious standout was Blake’s rendition of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” entitled “Piano Chick”.

La Boheme provided an excellent atmosphere to this “Piano Bar” show. And to take a line from one of Blake’s songs “When her hands touch the keys, I am home” – do yourself a favour and get down to La Boheme to see Blake in her element.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)