Gluttony - Masonic Lodge
Until 14 Mar 2019

Review by Doug Phillips

Presented at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival

Matt Hadgraft starts his Peter Allen tribute with a disclaimer that he isn’t as good as the incredibly talented man himself, but he’s pretty bloody close. “Peter Allen Live in Inverted Commas” is a great show for any Peter Allen fan looking to be reminded of his brilliant performance technique and personality.

Hadgraft tells the Peter Allen story well, in snippets, and intertwined with Allen’s most loved songs. His smooth humour and professional showman skill carry the show along with fun and style. Not even a continuously self-destructive piano or momentarily forgotten lyric could dent his demeanour and energy.

As we know, the Peter Allen story is beautiful and tragic, funny and captivating. He's one of the few Australians to have truly conquered the world in his profession yet remained so loved by his countryfolk that he didn't fall victim to tall-poppy syndrome. This, combined with the adversities he had to overcome, make his story truly one of the greatest Australian success stories of all time.

The audience loved Hadgraft, and his show. In true Adelaide-audience style, the crowd weren’t as interactive and self-including as Hadgraft would come to expect from audiences in his home town of Melbourne, but their smiles, laughter, and singing along, all displayed genuine appreciation and enjoyment.

It’s easy to sell tickets to a Peter Allen tribute show. It’s not quite as easy to pull the show off well, though. Hadgraft should be very proud of his efforts in both writing and performing, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy a bumper 2019 Fringe season before returning again in 2020.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)