Printable CopyPERPLEX
Joh Hartog Productions
Bakehouse Theatre
Until 25 Aug 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

This production was absurd. Brilliant, but absurd nonetheless.

Have you ever rocked up to a show five or ten minutes late and then spent the next twenty minutes wondering what the hell is going on? That’s what this show was like, but for the WHOLE show. That probably makes it sound unpleasant or not very enjoyable, but this production had everyone enthralled.

It’s very hard to explain, but nothing is what it seems in this show. Until it is, and then it’s not again, but it was for a little bit. I think. I’m still not exactly sure, and I think that might have been the point. Maybe.

I’m not going to reveal anything about the plot at all. If you see this show (which I highly recommend you do) the less you know about it, the more impact I think it will have. Just don’t go in expecting closure. You’ll get almost everything from this play, but not closure.

What I will say is that it’s superbly directed. Joh Hartog had a very talented cast to direct, and he’s made great use of the weapons at his disposal.

The play is extremely well written. How someone can write something so disjointed and erratic, yet flowing and complete, is beyond me.

Pulling it all together is a highly talented cast who hold nothing back. With humour and drama, these players hit the nail on the head with each performance. Each of the leads were outstanding, but special mention needs to be made of David Hirst’s comedic timing. Eddie Morrison is probably the bravest of the cast, in a role that leaves him very exposed (not metaphorically either)

There’re not many shows left, so get your tickets now. This is not a show to miss out on, even if you do leave wondering what on earth you just witnessed.