Emma Knights Productions
The Popeye
Until 01 Mar 2014

Review by Fran Edwards

This is a delightful Fringe show – there should be more like it! You don’t need to be a G & S fan to enjoy this piece of fun but you probably get more out of it!

With a cast of just eight they perform a large slice of what is arguably the most loved of the Savoy operettas. Changing coats and changing characters they did not allow the small space to restrict their enthusiasm, whilst managing not to end up in the drink.

The lovers Frederick and Mabel were beautifully presented by Michael Denholm and Lisa Cannizzaro with both doing justice to their songs. Andrew Turner’s Pirate King was a swashbuckling as you would want and Wendy Rayner knows Ruth’s part so well she could do it blindfolded. The lovely Megan Doherty and Karina Jay were ideal as Mabel’s sisters, but all three girls doubled as pirates with gusto.

Beginning as pirates the irrepressible Andrew Crispe and the cheeky Lindsay Prodea went on to play the Major General and the Police Sergeant, both playing it up for all they were worth. Congratulations to Andrew Georg for keeping up with this crew on his piano, and credit too to Andrew Turner and Emma Knights for their direction both practical and musical.

If they bring this back, I shall see it again! Wonderful fun.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)