Queen's Theatre
Until 28 Feb 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

The Demon and the Diva (Stolen. Their words, not mine).

What a show!

These two powerhouses team up to form a unique and formidable duo, whose presence, talent, and showmanship are a pure delight to witness.

In career peak form, Paul has lost none of his wit, edge, or magic. His humour and songwriting has matured, but he hasn’t – thank god. McDermott has remained true to himself for as far back as any of us can remember. And it’s a formula that works. He knows it. We know it. And we all love it.

Better than that, his formula is simple. Paul is just Paul. He’s honest, he’s funny, he’s extremely clever, and Paul genuinely doesn’t give a f*$@ what you think. If you like his jokes, he laps up the applause. If you don’t like his jokes, you can go and f*$@ yourself, and he’ll lap that up too.

In fact, if you object to anything he’s got to say, you’re just feeding the beast. So sit back, shut up, and enjoy the ride.

Make no mistake though, Catherine Alcorn is not outshone here. An incredible voice, cheeky and witty persona, with style and grace. It’s impossible to not be captivated by Alcorn’s performance. When Alcorn wants your attention, you’ll give it to her; it’s not an option. But, you won’t regret it either.

Combined these two elite performers create beautiful harmonies and one hell of a memorable show. Glenn Moorhouse on guitar and backing vocals provides an extra element of precision and amusement.

This is awesome cabaret. Amazing voices, witty repertoire, quick-fire humour, and performers who love that what they do (possibly more than we love seeing them).

Sixty minutes felt like twenty, and you’ll want to come again. I’d give it 6 stars if they’d let me.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)