Printable CopyPARADISE
Bakehouse Theatre
Until 25 Feb 2017

Review by Tony Busch

It’s a novel concept. Four (though the Fringe Guide said five) lycra-clad self-absorbed, self-indulgent ‘beautifuls’ vie for the chance to mount the holy treadmill to purge themselves of sin or anything else that might mar their perceived perfection.

There are some cute lines and some strenuous performances, and the timing of the four is very good.

But the concept quickly becomes repetitive. Too many choreographed flex routines pad out too little development of the idea. There is ample scope to turn this into a far more satisfying show. More monologues would add a lot more colour and variety to the piece. In this current version it’s as superficial as the characters portrayed.

Spend more time on the writing and come up with a punchier climax.

Rating: 2.5 stars (out of 5)