Northern Light Theatre Company
Shedley Theatre
Until 08 Apr 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

Northern Light have a winner with their current production of “The Pajama Game”. The strength of this show is the music which the orchestra, under the direction of Rebecca Mason, play with finesse. Tammy Papps has assisted with the music and her experience is evident in the presentation of iconic musical numbers such as “Hey There”, “Steam Heat”, “Once a Year Day” and “Hernando’s Hideaway” which are brought to life by a strong cast.

Buddy Dawson, as Sid, the new factory superintendent, shines in the musical numbers with a voice that is perfectly suited to the era of this show. Lauren Renee, as Babe, the factory union leader, is suitably feisty and cute and the two are believable as a couple, struggling to reconcile their mutual attraction with their political differences.

Director, Max Rayner has assembled a capable production team and an enthusiastic, talented cast. Linda Lawson’s clever, cute choreography provides the dancers the opportunity to shine. Highlights include the opening number, “Racing with the Clock”, while Rose Vallen as Mabel and Seb Cooper as Hines perform a wonderful “Í’ll Never Be Jealous Again”.

It was fantastic to see Nikki Gaertner-Eaton as Gladys, strutting her formidable talents in “Steam Heat” and “Hernando’s Hideaway”. Angus Smith is always reliable in character roles and he adds another to the list as Mr Hasler, the boss of the pajama factory.

The set design by Max Rayner, John Sheehan and Lisa Kennewall is streamlined and efficient. The Lighting team of Peter Howie, Chris Golding, Tom Howie and Kathy Hatchard have created a lighting design which works very well for a fast-moving show. The audio crew of Jess Browne, Tarlee Penwill, Rhys Whiting, Matthew Woithe and Jonathan Woithe, had a few issues with feedback on opening night, but overall the cast could be heard clearly.

“The Pajama Game” is a fun, entertaining musical, well worth the trip up north.

*Nikki Gaertner-Eaton is a reviewer for Adelaide Theatre Guide.