The Breakout at The Mill
Until 23 Feb 2020

Review by Helen Karakulak

“Boys Taste Better with Nutella” follows the unlucky in love Aggy and Fredrick on a wickedly funny, especially sticky, journey through past relationships exploring self-worth, love and friendship.

Laced with self-deprecating humour and eclectic dance-moves, performers Caitlin Hill (Aggy) and Peter Wood (Fredrick) open up a conversation about issues plaguing the dating game and influencing the rise in loneliness in young people. Jumping back and forth from past to present, this well-written comedy explores the effect abusive relationships, homophobia and instant online gratification can have on individuals in the moment and later in life.

The chemistry between Hill and Wood is wonderful, suiting each other like Nutella and McDonalds Fries. Their physicality is excellent, bringing chaotic elegance to each action.

Wood shines as the self-loathing Fredrick, with emotive facial expressions and charismatic stage presence delivering a surprisingly heartfelt performance.

Hill’s comedic timing and youthful characterisation puts a playful lens on the topical issues these young adults are facing. Her Aggy somehow manages to charm while becoming increasingly covered in Nutella throughout the performance. Like a toddler who enjoyed their food too much, Aggy is a mess, but one that you can’t help but laugh with.

Well-choreographed, fun-loving dance-routines to upbeat songs made the performance unique and energetic. A highlight was definitely the rain of chips hilariously incorporated into a dance break. Sound by Justin Harrison was well-utilised, complimenting changes in timelines and plot developments without being distracting.

It must be noted that over-the-top costuming of Nutella on Hill and the attention drawn to half-eaten, soggy chips falling from Wood’s mouth is off-putting. Nevertheless, this food play suits the tone of the performance and is well-timed to assist the comedic storytelling. Due to this reviewer’s weak stomach, half a star has been removed because of the gag-inducing over-the-top food play and the fry that landed in my hair – front row be warned.

Charming and messy, “Boys Taste Better with Nutella” is the most energetic, original 50 minutes of theatre you’ll see this fringe season.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)