Tuxedo Cat
Until 15 Mar 2015

Review by Maggie Wood

“This Is Not a Love Song” comes from the pen of stand-up comedian Greg Fleet and it’s a wonderfully fresh, honest and funny look at the disintegration of a relationship.

Fleet plays Jimmy, who is reminiscing for the thousandth time about the girl that got away -except this time something different happens.

Featuring Tegan Mulvany – who also directs – as love interest Sophie and Shane Adamczak as the young Jimmy, we are treated to the delicious, yet cringe worthy wisdom of hindsight. During one argument between the couple, when Fleet’s character urges his young self not to utter the next devastating thing he’s about to say, a hefty portion of the audience tense their stomachs in empathy. We’ve all been there. If only we could change history through changing our memory of it.

Fleet has produced a love story without sentimentality, a killer soundtrack and provides a reassuringly mature presence on stage as his tale unfolds with all his trademark wit and honesty.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)