Crown and Anchor Hotel
Until 18 Feb 2018

Review by Brian Godfrey

I’ll start this review by admitting that I had high expectations of “It’s Not Easy Being Green” – a show that would help break down the barriers and social stigma that is still caused in these modern times by that dreaded word ‘depression’ or the phrase ‘mental illness’. Let’s be honest, many of us have experienced it either in ourselves or loved ones. Unfortunately, those expectations were flung over the balcony as the main character began the show contemplating suicide.

The show is undeniably cathartic to the performer, Karen Roberts: but what is one person’s cathartics can be (and was) another person’s boredom and confusion. The show’s publicity used such words as ‘manically funny’, ‘hysterical’ and ‘quirky’. I and the audience that saw it with me witnessed none of these things.

Roberts is a fine performer and her own compositions and singing voice are lovely, but the actual structure of the show was confused, maniacal and in itself depressing. Maybe that was the point – I’m not sure.

And as much as I don’t mind audience participation, giving a poor unsuspecting audience member a lap-dance and simulating sex with them is quite embarrassing for all concerned.

I could see what this show wanted to achieve and where it was going, but its journey became confused and it never got there.

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)