Garden of Unearthly Delights
Until 13 Mar 2016

Review by Jamie Wright

If you though that the performer standing under a sheet and crooning along to a tune played on a small Casio keyboard would be as weird as the show was likely to get then you've definitely come to the wrong place, because that's just the beginning of "Stuart Bowden: She Was Probably Not a Robot".

Stuart finds himself the sole survivor of a worldwide apocalypse and...well, to say anything else would be to give too much away; not because of spoilers, but because there just isn't a lot else that happens, plotwise. For some performers that would be a problem – but those performers aren't Stuart Bowden, who has a knack for making a lot out of a little with a combination of intelligent writing, non-stop energy and immense charm.

For an hour he tells the story, gallivanting about the stage and, for want of a better description, just being weird. But it's a *good* weird, and you can't help but enjoy it – even if you don't always understand why. And there's depth to it, too; a kind of bittersweet melancholy that underlies the dark humour and wacky antics. The combination is simply magical.

Delightfully quirky, lo-fi weirdness from a truly gifted performer.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)