Printable CopyNEXT FALL
Holden Street Theatres
Until 08 May 2021

Review by Janice Bailey

“Next Fall”, written by Geoffrey Nauffts, was first presented on Broadway by Sir Elton John and won three Tony Awards. It is safe to say the public perception was that it was either loved or strongly disliked. The play is about two men in a committed relationship. What makes the relationship ‘different’ is that Luke is devoutly religious and Adam is an atheist.

The current production at Holden Street Theatres is directed sensitively by Darrin Redgate who is also responsible for the set design which is seamlessly moved by the actors. Lucy Mitchell’s lighting design is effective in creating mood. Tom Murdoch and Matt Hyde deliver strong and believable performances as Adam and Luke. Claire Sara’s performance as the ‘fag hag’ is exceptional in its honesty and vulnerability. Brendan Cooney, Lisa Lanzi and Jason Jeffries all deliver well-rounded performances in their respective roles.

This is a very cohesive and spellbinding production and well worth seeing.