Printable CopyMUSH AND ME
Holden Street Theatres
Until 15 Mar 2015

Review by Jamie Wright

“Mush and Me” asks a question: in today’s UK, can a Jewish girl and a Muslim guy be together? The answer is an hour of clever, funny, touching, thought-provoking, superbly performed and genuine theatre.

Gabby (Daniella Isaacs) and Mush (Jaz Deol) meet via their job at a call centre – they’re the two top-performing reps for their company – and bond over a trade of him covering her shift on Friday for her lunch of hummus. From there they become friends, and then lovers. Then comes the inevitable: how do they tell their families?

Karla Crome’s script is a delight; the characters are complex, the dialogue free-flowing and entirely naturalistic – when you add in the effortless performances of both Isaacs and Deol, and Rosy Banham’s direction, you’re so drawn into it that watching it borders on the voyeuristic. Even the small set changes are done so fluidly as to be a joy to watch – and the set itself is beautifully lit with the help of small light boxes on stage.

A truly exceptional piece of theatre, and a must-see this Fringe.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)