Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent
Until 24 Jun 2017

Review by Anthony Vawser

It’s a joy to have this Lady return to our neck of the woods; her talents are irresistible, and ”Multiplied” is a real treat.

Lady Rizo is in possession of a beautifully bawdy comedic style; one that she not only serves up jokes with but also applies to her musical numbers when the occasion calls for it. Her cutting wit is sharp and self-deprecating without being nasty, while her gags are successfully cheeky and edgy without being tasteless or tacky. The nostalgic storytelling is sceptical-but-affectionate toward the idealistic communal hippie upbringing that she apparently received, while a delightfully hilarious highlight of the evening revolves, surprisingly, around IKEA.

The Lady knows how to dig into the lyrics and melody of a great song to present it in her own way; vocally, Rizo ranges from gritty blues wailings to a tangy white-soul sound. Multi-instrumentalist Yair Evnine deploys synthetic drum tracks very effectively, as well as delivering delicious live accompaniment on guitar and cello – though the sound mix has a tendency to render the bass overpowering.

This show’s title refers to Rizo’s recent step into the brave new world of motherhood, and the subject not only provides inspiration for song choices and anecdotes, it also leads into one of the most striking and poignant interludes this reviewer has ever witnessed on a live stage. Her speculations about what the future may hold are truly touching, and provide “Multiplied” with a sense of depth and seriousness that adds an additional dimension to the talents of Lady Rizo.

Let’s hope we’re lucky enough to be graced with her presence again before too long.