La Bohème
Until 08 Mar 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

‘The Kinsey Report’ states that there have been two major transitions in human mating in the last four million years. The first was approximately 10000 years ago during the agricultural revolution and led to the institution of marriage. The second has come about with the advent of the Internet.

This information comes from Kirsten Lawler’s publicity to introduce her current show “How to Be a Modern Woman”, which takes us on a journey of how difficult it can be to navigate the modern world of on-line dating. With her amazing voice and engaging personality Kirsten takes us on a ride of laughs and songs demonstrating the pitfalls of on-line dating, especially if you are honest and genuine and sadly those ’on the other end’ are not always so honest.

Kristen has backed herself with a group of the best musicians in Adelaide and together they ‘really make music.’ Chris Gould’s saxophone playing is mind-blowing (he also takes his turn at the drums), Rowan Daw on drums (and sax), Nicki Steadman on bass and the inimitable Carol Young on piano, who keeps it all together as Musical Director. Kristen’s vocal range and versatility is on show with a range of songs including "I Keep Falling In and out of Love with You", "Chandelier - 1,2,3 Drink" (because being a modern woman requires a lot of alcohol) and we are even treated to some German opera.

There is a costume change when the band swap instruments and really show how talented they are. The audience was also treated to a guest appearance by the wonderful Candy Chambers.

Kirsten Lawler had an audience of mostly loyal followers who were treated to a well-spent hour of sheer entertainment.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)