Until 18 Mar 2012

Review by Ben Crisp

There is little mystery to this show’s success at recent international comedy festivals – the magic itself is as mind blowing as the performers are cheeky and funny.

Cheeky and geeky Alex de la Rambelje and the charming Luke Hocking run mischievous rings around their foil, Vyom Sharma, layering trick upon trick and turning arguments and interruptions into hilarious set-ups for tricks and gags delivered with equal doses of showmanship and flare. Hocking and de la Rambelje play the audience beautifully, winning them over with silly one-upmanship and bullying of the hapless but charismatic Sharma.

Even when the shenanigans cease for the audience to watch in captivation Sharma’s incredible sleight of hand under the scrutiny of an HD camera projected on the screen, there is not a moment of this show that does not inspire a gasp, a laugh, or more usually both.

By the show’s impressive conclusion the audience has surrendered to this trio of magical comedians, and leaves in a head-scratching, giggling crowd mystified by what it just experienced.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)