Printable CopyMOANA JR
Adelaide Youth Theatre
The Arts Theatre
Until 23 Jan 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

The most notable part of Adelaide Youth Theatre’s “Moana Jr” is the talent in this cast. Every cast member shines, with strong voices and confident movements. With alternating casts I can only comment on the ‘Wind’ cast’s performances, and they were a pleasure to watch.

Accents did prove to be a bit of a challenge, with some cast speaking with American accents, some with an indefinable accent, and Australian accents in the mix too. Perhaps sticking with the cast’s natural accents would have been less distracting.

Some costumes were outstanding, with others looking like they may have been left to the last minute. The sets were simple but effective, and functional, with good textile materials and lighting combined well.

As mentioned, the confidence among the cast during choreography was excellent. Everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing, and the feature dancers shone. The cast sounded good too, with nice harmonies and a strong sound.

Henry Tran as Maui gave the strongest performance and was well-loved by the audience. Bridget Tran’s performance as Moana was also well received and carried the production very well.

As always, Adelaide Youth Theatre are pumping out quality work, and securing the future quality of performing arts in Adelaide. Congratulations to all involved.