Tea Tree Players
Tea Tree Players Theatre
Until 17 Feb 2018

Review by Fran Edwards

Written by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham, this light comedy has potential – I have seen it done before, but I did not recognize it. The set was not up to the usual Tea Tree Players standard and the production followed suit. Director Selena Britz has cast several players unknown to this reviewer. Great I thought, new blood, a fresh perspective, but this also was a disappointment.

The lead male, Tom, played by David Kinna, lacked stage presence and expression. Timothy Cousins, playing Albert, fared better, but although funny at times his drunken antics distract from the main action too often. Nick Manning Bennett portrayed the tax inspector Mr Dodds well, as did the ladies – Chanelle Le Roux, Sophie Gardner and Debby Kulikovsky – in a production that was struggling.

There were missed lines, awkward pauses, lost laughs and a general lack of pace. On a hot evening, even with the new air-conditioner, it was too much to deal with. With luck the performances will improve next week.