Adelaide Cabaret Festival
The Space
Until 11 Jun 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

Being out is in. Now more than ever we are learning to celebrate our differences and things that once made us ‘weird’ and to use those to as our trademark features. This is message sent by Ali McGregor’s “Glorious Misfits”.

This band of eclectic performers each have a unique persona and deliver a very entertaining show. There is the host – the divine Miss Frisky - as well as a naughty schoolboy, a bendy tennis player, a seductive burlesque performer, and more in this exciting show. There is enough thrill to keep you entertained from fiery striptease, to plate spinning, to high-flying acrobatics.

Miss Frisky is a great host and holds the evening together flawlessly. She, as the only singer of the group, delivers some high-energy musical numbers that add a great element to the show. Kelly and Mark Winmill demonstrate why they hold places in the Burlesque Hall of Fame with their incredible routines paired with some incredible costuming for Kelly. The naughty schoolboy Louis was crowd favourite as he delivered a striptease with a yo-yo. Lily Paskas Goodfellow stole the show with her routine involving some sleight of hand with a red handkerchief and a complete lack of clothing that has to be seen to be believed.

This show exemplifies everything brilliant about the artform of cabaret and what makes it so unique in the world of theatre. Only in the world of cabaret can a troupe of unusual performers like this come together to create something so uniquely brilliant. This is a show that will definitely heat you up on a cold winter night in Adelaide.